The verdict about artificial sweeteners is still out – the controversy still fuels much debate on both sides.  One can find articles that support the use and “safety” of such products and one can find articles that support the argument that they are dangerous and unsuitable for human consumption – I mean holes in rats’ brains is pretty conclusive to me, but that’s just me! So I was journaling this morning and although I do not use artificial… Read more »

I’m in a funk, stuck in the middle of the mess.  I know things are brewing in the cosmos, work is being done in my soul and on the other side I will look different– but in the middle, oh the painful middle, it’s not my favorite place! Eyes veiled as I fumble in the dark looking for purpose – all seems pointless. A wish expressed from my heart to the invisible – Can I just start over?  Do something… Read more »

Navigating this life is tricky most days.  I find myself lost in a maze of emotions these days, lost in the middle and I’m not too sure I want to be found. We recently visited Williamsburg, Virginia. This is a maze behind the Governor’s Palace in the famous Colonial village.  Standing atop the mount you can look across the lawn and see this view – all the bends and twists of the maze – it’s beautiful and seems so easy… Read more »