I learned a new word this week – “sistering” – a beautiful, strong word.  Sistering is not what you may think, it actually has nothing to do with sisters at all, at least not in the technicality of the term. Sistering is the technique used in carpentry when one reinforces a joist (a corner).  When the load on the joist is too heavy causing weakness or a sagging in the structure, the carpenter brings a board to the left of… Read more »

Do you find yourself on crazy cycles? Do you even notice your own crazy? Do you feel the insanity of cycling through the same stuff season after season? I have been paying attention to my cycles, not menstrual, my emotional cycles and I have come the strong conclusion that I am, in fact, crazy!! I am exhausting and exhausted! And I am thankful!  Thankful that my eyes are open to see it, thankful for grace towards myself to own it and… Read more »