I woke up this morning with the word “Transition” on my mind. Transition is defined by Merriam-Webster as “passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : change; a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.”      What came to mind for me as I thought of the word was the Transition that occurs during childbirth.  Transition “is literally the transition between the first and second stages of labour. Active labour contractions have been dilating the… Read more »

I was challenged yesterday by a couple in our office. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I listened to their story. It’s a tragic story of loss and rejection but they are overcomers. The issues with their children is what drove them into our office, they were desperate for change which makes a soul hungry and willing. One of the things we teach, when the door opens, is what we call Recall Healing. This is the belief that the… Read more »

Don’t you just love when you can see God’s hand at work in your life? His movement in the smallest of details to orchestrate His divine plan? Every detail like a chess piece on the board with calculated moves for the win. One of my children had a situation come up with her fellow classmates, not really a big deal on the surface. Iimagine a large black kettle and throw in teenagers, high stress, disagreement, cell phones, deadlines – recipe… Read more »