Marc and I took our littlest to the Chris Tomlin concert this past week. Some friends gifted us with tickets and what a gift!  The concert was amazing, Kim Walker-Smith was on stage all night, she’s kind of like one of my faves!  Evyn loved and stayed postured- hands lifted most of the night – it was the sweetest watching her worship. This was my first delight! My second was a young lady sitting a row in front of us…. Read more »

New normal is so uncomfortable. My dad unexpectantly, in some respects, passed away a few weeks ago. April 8, 2018, he entered heaven after a long stay in the hospital trying to heal his heart and kidneys enough for him to go home. It was looking “good” and he was moving towards home bound until the morning of April 7 when he suffered a massive heart attack from which he never woke up from. I have been heartsick. It’s surreal,… Read more »

“Don’t study this moment. Be in it.”  This is a quote that I not only underlined but dog-eared the page in Brene Brown’s newest book, Braving the Wilderness. It hit me and kept me pondering for several pages after reading it. We are not traditionally good at this. We like to circle high above, safely removed, untouched and untouchable. How much of our lives do we miss because we are circling above instead of being smack dab in the center… Read more »