Who knew that 14 years later I would love this man more today than the day we married!?  I guess every couple that has been married for many years knew that!! That’s how it works – you choose to work it out, you choose to stay through tough times, you choose to love in spite of, you choose to work on your own issues as you give them the space to work on theirs, you choose… Love is a choice… Read more »

Do you notice the gaps in connection between people these days? It’s unsettling to see families sitting around tables in restaurants all glued to their individual phones, faces glowing, time passing as they miss opportunities to know one another. The space between them grows! Doctors discovered some time ago the necessity for connection through touch for premature babies. Purposing to touch their small heads, hands, feet, rubbing and cuddling, talking, singing, engaging with them decreased mortality rates of these infants…. Read more »

A challenge for you today! Over the last few years, at the end of the year, I begin to pray and seek God about a “word” for the new year.  A word that He speaks to my heart about what He wants to do with me, in me, and through me in the upcoming year.  My words in years past: “Deep” “Sight” “Intimacy” Hard words, intense words, scratchy, don’t always feel good, words! These are not the words I would… Read more »