Let’s live like this today!!

Our Deepest Fear is Not

That We Are Inadequate.

Our Deepest Fear is That

We Are Powerful Beyond

Measure. It is our Light,

Not our Darkness, That

Frightens Us Most.

We ask ourselves, who Am I To

Be Brilliant, Gorgeous,

Talented, and Famous?

Actually, Who Are You Not To Be?

You Are A Child of God.

Your playing Small Does

Not Serve The World.

There Is Nothing

Enlightened About Shrinking

So That People Won’t

Feel Insecure Around You

We Were Born To Make

Manifest The Glory of God

That Is Within Us.

It’s Not Just In Some Of Us;

It’s In All Of Us. And When We

Let Our Own Light Shine,

We Unconsciously Give Other

People Permission To Do The

Same. As We Are Liberated

From Our Own Fear, Our Presence

Automatically Liberates Others. –Marianne Williamson, “A Return to Love”


Oh to live like this!


I heard this recently from a podcast of Kris Vallotton – the devil’s deepest desire was to be like God and this desire caused him to rebel against God and lose heaven as a result. Cast to earth for his disobedience he waited in darkness, glory stripped, separated from the Creator of the universe. Days, years, maybe even centuries later…the echo of God’s plan reverberates through the cosmos, “We shall make man in our image.” The very thing the devil lusted after, God’s Word goes forth to place His image and glory in His created being called Man. God then places Man on earth – why earth? Didn’t He remember the devil was here!?   Maybe, just maybe, God placed us here, in His image, to torment the devil. Imagine that – we were placed here to be seen everyday, to walk, to worship, to create, to bring glory and honor to God’s name, to be a witness of His image – to torment the devil – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!


Stop letting the devil have his way in your life!


Don’t you know who you are?


You are the manifest glory of God – You are light – You are brilliant –

You are gorgeous – You are talented – You are famous –

You are a child of God!


Stop playing small – you may be robbing those around you of finding their own light. Your light may be the flashlight in the darkness that helps someone lost find their way!!


…And When We

Let Our Own Light Shine,

We Unconsciously Give Other

People Permission To Do The


My girls and I just finished reading the book Because of Winn-Dixie, if you haven’t read it you should, it’s a worthy read. I read it out loud to them – don’t do that often enough! We started a book/movie club last month…we read a book and then get together with friends who have also read the book and watch the movie together. It is a fun day and great incentive to read!

Read to your kids, every child loves that time spent with mom or dad reading!

In the book, the main character Opal, asks her dad to share 10 things about her mom, who left them when she was young, to help her to know her mom better. She also makes a list of 10 things about her dog, Winn-Dixie, when he is lost, so she can remember him if she doesn’t find him. It’s a sweet read!

After we finished reading we each made a list of 10 things about ourselves and shared them with each other:

This is what they wrote:IMG_1553

Evyn Audrey:

I move in my sleep, I like spaghetti,

I like meeting new people,

I like playing with my stuffed animals,

I like my pets, I like volleyball,

I like to dance, my favorite song is

“Stitches”, my favorite thing about

me is my eyes, I make books.









RyahGrace Anah: I am kind,  I am smart, I love cookie dough, my favorite colors are blue

                                 and purple, I love to paint, I am good at dance, I am good at volleyball, 

                                       I like vacations, I am love thoughtful, I love animals.




Alayna Louise: I am artistic, I have long brown hair, I love to sketch,

I enjoy playing IMG_1407sports (especially

volleyball), I love pizza and

sweet tea, I play piano and guitar, I do not

like lizards, cockroaches and snakes, etc.,

I love dogs, I enjoy going to school, I like

action/comedy movies best.




And me, Melissa Ayn: I love Jesus, I aspire to be a prayer warrior, I adore my children and love having them all around my kitchen table at the same time, I don’t like bugs, my favorite place is anywhere with their daddy (Marc), I want to travel the world, I love helping women love themselves and know Jesus intimately, I like writing, I am kind, I love the smell of the sweet olive trees that fragrant the front steps to my home.


What about you? What are 10 wonderful things about you?

We don’t go “there” –too afraid we will get caught up in our stuff, drown in the our pain, be overtaken by the emotions that threaten to sweep us away and swallow us up. But the reality is — you live “there” – all that stuff, all that pain, all those emotions spinning and coloring your world. It taints every relationship, it clouds eyes that look into the mirror distorting the image before them, it finds evidence to support lies that swirl in the recesses.

box of heart rocks 1You live “there” even though you don’t say it out loud!


But…you don’t have to live there!


The truth – you control your emotions, they don’t control you.

It is a choice you can make, a choice you must make to live free!

Do you want that??


Here, take my hand and I will lead you to the One who will hold it all in His hands for safe keeping as you work through your stuff, feel the pain, deal with the emotions, He can handle it all!

Close your eyes… imagine an object – maybe a basket, a snow globe, a drawer, a treasure chest, a diary with a key…let the Holy Spirit guide you to the perfect object and see it in your hands.

Now imagine binding up all your stuff, (the pain, the emotions, the memories) bind them up like rolling a ball of twine or folding a piece of paper or stacking neatly one on top of another, or squashing together like Play-doh in your palms, bind it all up for safe keeping and place it in the object you imagined. Give it to the Lord and let Him place it on a shelf in your heart. A contained place that is easily accessible but not bothersome. Place your “stuff” there as you pray, “Lord, I put this into your hands for safe keeping and ask that you shelf this so I can be physically and emotionally present with all those who cross my path today!”

This is you taking control of your stuff.

It cannot control you, you control it!

It can be purposefully stored away, not stuffed, denied of pushed down but rather placed until you and the Lord decide to open, revisit, and deal with it a little at a time until one day you realize your basket, globe, drawer or chest (whatever the object) is empty and your heart is healed!