479622479_0In the work that Marc and I do, we are so fortunate to have been given a premiere ticket on the front row of people’s lives.

And what a show it is!

Sometimes we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a horror movie, lots of scary things there… like haunting words and left behind ghosts of the past.

And other times we are on an adventure that feels a lot like a rollercoaster..the exhilarating inclines anticipating the upcoming thrill and the sometimes nauseating declines that leave you sick to your stomach praying you could get off the ride immediately!

And then of course there is the mystery! Who’s fault is it? What exactly is the truth? Who’s involved and how did this plot unfold? It leaves you confused, oftentimes frustrated and sitting on the edge of your seat as you try to figure it all out before their next appointment!!

Life is full of horror stories, exciting adventures and mystery and sometimes it’s hard to work your way through it all.

Like the scenes of a movie, the memories and events of the past and present play like reruns in our marriages and can leave that butter-drenched, greasy feeling right in the pit of your stomach.. swearing you will never eat popcorn at the movies again!

But if you stay ‘til the end of the movie.. you may just be lucky enough to see the love story,

that has been buried in the horrors,


and mysteries of the relationship,

unfold before your eyes.

The love stories of real people who have given their all in an effort to move past the fear, the surface excitement, the questions that plague to find someone they love on the other side of their own veiled mirages of what life was supposed to be…to the reality of what life really is!

A love story that has taken years of heart seeking truth, vulnerability, and oftentimes a lot of tears to find two people who have learned how to sacrifice, to share their hearts, to have true intimacy in the end.

Now that is the movie worth waiting around to see!

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