A challenge for you today!

Over the last few years, at the end of the year, I begin to pray and seek God about a “word” for the new year.  A word that He speaks to my heart about what He wants to do with me, in me, and through me in the upcoming year.  My words in years past: “Deep” “Sight” “Intimacy”

Hard words, intense words, scratchy, don’t always feel good, words!

These are not the words I would choose for myself.

When I start praying about my new word, I hear words like “Beauty,” like “More,” and I wait hoping that these are my words…but knowing that I don’t always choose well, I wait!  And usually…He changes my word.  He has a better word, not “better” because I like it, better because He knows what He wants to do with me, what needs to happen in me, and how He will flow through me!  He always knows better!

So I challenge you – pray about a word for 2015!

God has an amazing word just the right fit for you this year!

A word that will encourage you, break you, restore you!  A word that will bring hope, revelation, change!

A word that will define you, a word that will refine you!

Pray….wait…receive for His word for you!

Happy New Year!!

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