love is a verbWho knew that 14 years later I would love this man more today than the day we married!?  I guess every couple that has been married for many years knew that!! That’s how it works – you choose to work it out, you choose to stay through tough times, you choose to love in spite of, you choose to work on your own issues as you give them the space to work on theirs, you choose…

Love is a choice most days!  Some days it is easy, most days it is hard!

Love is a verb…it is work! It is an action not just a feeling.  It is an active verb that requires activity not passivity!  You can not sit back and wait for love, you must chase after it, you must pursue, you must work towards it, you must stand on it, you must choose to believe in it on those hard days when you don’t feel it, don’t want it and have lost all hope in it!

One way I chose to pursue love years ago was to purpose to become a “good finder.” Early on in our marriage I complained alot about not feeling loved, wanting Marc to show love to me through sweet love notes and kindnesses throughout the day that proved he was thinking of me.  He was not so good at that, still isn’t!! As a result of my focus I felt unloved.  Believe me, there were quite a few tears shed, strong words expressed, hurt feelings lingering, misunderstanding shrouding the true intention behind both of our hearts!

I had to choose love!  

I had to chase after, pursue, work towards, stand on and believe the best…I chose to change my focus!

Each night at the end of the day I would write down all the ways he had showed me love that day…a phone call at lunch, bathing babies in the evening, a sweet look across the room during bedtime prayers, washing dishes after dinner, a kiss on the way out the door, going to work to provide for us, being thankful for a warm meal or clean clothes…the many ways he loved and still loves me!

It’s February, the month of love…choose to change your focus.  Be a good finder!   

          Love is a choice!

                  Love is a verb!


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