a reflection of GodWe have been learning about heaven and listening to messages with heaven as the focus and it has been amazing and, for some reason, easily believable!

I say that because I tend to be a skeptic!  I wish I wasn’t but it is just how I am wired. I like to test things, I like to find more evidence to support things.  I don’t just like it, I need those things to help me believe!  One of my most favorite stories in the Bible is about the man who asks Jesus to heal his son and Jesus says, “Do you believe?” and the man responds, “Yes, and bless my unbelief!”  –that’s me!!!  Bless my unbelief Lord, help to believe more, help me to believe easily, help me to believe!!  And He is!  He is just gracious like that – “Ask and you shall receive,” He says!

So back to heaven…so heaven is described as the most beautiful and most fun place imaginable – actually even more that we can imagine — It is better than we could ever imagine!!  It has been awesome to imagine it and get excited about this REAL place, our true home!

This morning I was chatting with our three youngest girls and asked them, “So why do you think heaven is beautiful and fun?”  They had lots of answers to my question but the most simple and truest answer is this — because that is who God is!

He is beautiful and He is fun!  Heaven is a reflection of Him!

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