birth storiesI have a precious friend who is waiting…she is waiting for the arrival of her first born, her son.  She is 37 weeks and she is ready…the room is prepared, the diapers have been bought, shower gifts have been opened, washed and carefully stored away, his bed is made, her arms are ready to hold this little miracle that God has gifted her with!  It is a fun yet frustrating time..those last few weeks of waiting…the waiting of something so waited for, for something so longed for, for something so prayed for.

 She is ready today!

I feel much like this new mom-to-be!  I have been laboring, I have been preparing, I have been anticipating and anxiously awaiting arrival of this God-breathed project God has placed in my heart!  Several months ago I began the work of creating and growing this idea.  God divinely knitted several people along my path to help me bring this idea to life. And we have worked hard!  We have labored!  We are feeling the birth pains as the anticipated date of arrival draws closer!  And just like my new mom-to-be friend, I can NOT wait to hold “her” – my project in my arms.

What is it?  This project?

I am so glad you asked…it is a beautlful book of dreamy watercolor, intimate stories of moments shared in the presence of the King of kings and audio downloads to guide you into your own experience with Him. It’s a devotional with 52 opportunities to experience Jesus. To come to know Him in an intimiate, personal way.  My prayer for the women who will labor through the 52 weeks with me is that at the end of it they will know Jesus in a way they didn’t know was even possible and they will know that they are loved and will love themselves!

What a sweet thing He has allowed me to birth!

I can’t wait to hold it in my arms and give it to others to find the sacred secrets of His love for them!

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