Let’s live like this today!!

Our Deepest Fear is Not

That We Are Inadequate.

Our Deepest Fear is That

We Are Powerful Beyond

Measure. It is our Light,

Not our Darkness, That

Frightens Us Most.

We ask ourselves, who Am I To

Be Brilliant, Gorgeous,

Talented, and Famous?

Actually, Who Are You Not To Be?

You Are A Child of God.

Your playing Small Does

Not Serve The World.

There Is Nothing

Enlightened About Shrinking

So That People Won’t

Feel Insecure Around You

We Were Born To Make

Manifest The Glory of God

That Is Within Us.

It’s Not Just In Some Of Us;

It’s In All Of Us. And When We

Let Our Own Light Shine,

We Unconsciously Give Other

People Permission To Do The

Same. As We Are Liberated

From Our Own Fear, Our Presence

Automatically Liberates Others. –Marianne Williamson, “A Return to Love”


Oh to live like this!


I heard this recently from a podcast of Kris Vallotton – the devil’s deepest desire was to be like God and this desire caused him to rebel against God and lose heaven as a result. Cast to earth for his disobedience he waited in darkness, glory stripped, separated from the Creator of the universe. Days, years, maybe even centuries later…the echo of God’s plan reverberates through the cosmos, “We shall make man in our image.” The very thing the devil lusted after, God’s Word goes forth to place His image and glory in His created being called Man. God then places Man on earth – why earth? Didn’t He remember the devil was here!?   Maybe, just maybe, God placed us here, in His image, to torment the devil. Imagine that – we were placed here to be seen everyday, to walk, to worship, to create, to bring glory and honor to God’s name, to be a witness of His image – to torment the devil – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!


Stop letting the devil have his way in your life!


Don’t you know who you are?


You are the manifest glory of God – You are light – You are brilliant –

You are gorgeous – You are talented – You are famous –

You are a child of God!


Stop playing small – you may be robbing those around you of finding their own light. Your light may be the flashlight in the darkness that helps someone lost find their way!!


…And When We

Let Our Own Light Shine,

We Unconsciously Give Other

People Permission To Do The