So a week or so ago my now high schooler decided she wanted to attend a high school event at our church for the first time. She decided to go without a friend, decided to go even though she didn’t know who would be there, decided to go and step out of her comfort zone. That’s a big deal for anyone, but if you knew her you would know what a big deal this was for her! She likes to be in control, she likes what is familiar; she does not get out of her comfort zone too often… voluntarily!

So we drive up to church and there are tons of kids visiting and flitting around under the covered walkway, my heart is pounding with anxiety for her – it’s an overwhelming scene! I turn to her in the backseat and say, “Are you sure you want to go? We can pull into the parking lot and wait awhile until you see someone you know.”

With a little uncertainty in her chocolate brown eyes, she reaches for the door handle and says, “Yes, I want to go!” And opens the door and steps out of the car.

She walks over and stands off to the side alone…ALONE…we slowly drive away as she is standing there all by herself. I have to “brace for brave” because in that moment I just want to get out of the car and go stand with her, drive around the circle again and see if she wants to get back in the car, go park across where I can see her and make sure someone is kind to her and makes her feel welcome, call one of the pastors I know and say, “Hey, see that pretty brunette in the plaid shirt standing ALONE, she’s mine, could you please care for her heart RIGHT NOW!”

Brace for Brave!!!

My heart ached and eyes teared up as we drove away and left her there…but I was one proud mama! That was hard! That was a really hard thing for her to do! To open that car door and step out and stand alone – so uncomfortable, so brave! My heart swelled with pride as her and I both braced our hearts for brave!


Her brave – to stay!

picjumbo.com_HNCK9069My brave – to go!


Teach your kids to do hard things – brace your heart and theirs for brave, uncomfortable things! And know, just as I did driving away from that church, that her heavenly Father, who loves and cares for her heart, could be trusted to cover, protect, and brace her for whatever came her way that night! He is a good, good Father!