I was talking with a friend who is in a tough situation right now, living with her in-laws indefinitely is just one of the many challenges that confronts her these days.  She has not been able to hear, feel, or experience God lately which has also made this season feel a bit unbearable! After months of nothing she finally heard Him whisper, “I am pruning you.”  She elaborates, “Nearly every single branch cut back so I can produce new and better fruit. Growing my branches back is sssoooo slow but it’s happening.”


Ah, yes pruning…that’s what this is! I knew it was something painful. I thought I was in the refiner’s fire but nope, I, like my friend, am being pruned. The sharp edge of the Master Gardener cutting away heavy branches that have in the past produced abundant fruit. Branches trimmed and yielded to His bend with the promise of something better, something more! Attentive to each, He cradles and cares for each piece cut away. I hear Him whisper to each broken limb before discarding, “Well done, well done.”




Every branch cut back and cut back and cut back…all that’s left is a stump.



What good is a stump?

And then a sweet friend says, “Can I have a seat?”

Yep, that’s all I have to offer in this season.

“Yes, please have a seat.”