Do yourself a favor and google Code Orange Revival and listen to the messages of the guest speakers that Elevation Church hosted for 10 nights of revival.  Christine Caine, Dharius Daniels, Levi Lusko, Joyce Meyers, Louie Gigglio!  Power packed messages that speak of the rhythm, the time, the sound, the place of revival! I have been working my way through each message and I have been so encouraged.  Yesterday, I listened to Louie Gigglio’s message and was not disappointed. He spoke about revival but from a very different perspective, I will do it no justice, but I have to share this one nugget – revival happens in the pit, in the fire, not on the mountain tops. Think about that for a minute! When I think of revival, I think of loud music, hyped up energy, and strong messages but, honestly, that’s not revival at all, that’s just a really good church service.

Revival is defined by an online dictionary as

“an improvement in the condition or strength of something.”

Now really think about this – where does the improvement in the condition or strength of something (us) happen?  It happens in those deep, dark pits.   It happens in the heat of those refining fires. In those places where roots go deep, where the comforts of this world no longer satisfy, where you stand empty-handed with nothing to offer, where only one word – Jesus – will suffice!

Revival happens here! 

I’ve never thought about revival this way.  It’s powerful to me, empowering! I do know that the pits and fires of this world are purposeful and God uses them in unique ways to grow us up but framed as “revival,” well, quite frankly, that does something inside of me – makes me want to hoop and holler a little!  Praise Him!!!

For when the days are darkest – revival is happening!

For when my soul feels lost – revival is happening!

For when I can barely lift my eyes to where my help comes from – revival is happening!

For when my skin is burning from the refiner’s fire – revival is happening!

For when my branches are being pruned and all that is left is a stump – revival is happening!

IT’S NOT COMING — IT’S HAPPENING! In those moments when all feels lost, when heaviness threatens to consume, when isolation feels easier, when disappointment licks your wounds, and dawn feels far away —


Get up and run around the room with me!!

“Amen! Amen! I believe! Make it so!”

Revival is happening!

So good.

I pray this for your heart today, that as you find yourself in those difficult places that this life is faithful to offer, that God will remind you of the revival He wants to do in you, in that place. That in the places where He seems out of reach He is actually closest to you and completing a deep work in youcp-luhprpwm-christopher-campbell to improve your condition and strengthen you.

Like Moses in Exodus, God will protect and hide you in the cleft of the rock – and when it seems the darkest and you feel the most isolated and alone, know this – the glory of the Lord is nearer to you than ever before!

Exodus 33:22 “When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by.”