Sometimes some of the sweetest surprises come to us unexpectedly!


Last night we brought our second youngest daughter to her new life group. I had been dreading it a bit because the one she has chosen to be in is really far from house, like in Egypt!! Ok, I am exaggerating but seriously, it is on the opposite side of town, a long way from our home.

Now I know for all you big city folks a 30-40 minute ride is the norm but for us small town folks, that feels like forever!

We drove and drove, got lost once or twice and had to double back but finally we found this home, tucked in the bends of country roads. It was in the middle of nowhere and I mean nowhere.

Marc and I had planned to go to dinner while we waited the 2 hours for her group to end, too far to go home, but it did not look very promising that we would find any place nearby. Honestly, I am not really sure where we were. We were in the country! But in the middle of high grass and gravel roads was an unexpected beautiful home filled with cypress doors, copper sinks, brick floors…it was lovely.

We pulled into the drive and recognized the woman at the door, an unexpected friend. We were not aware that the life group leader was this couple’s daughter. It was a pleasant surprise. They invited us in and then before we knew it they were cooking filets and cauliflower potatoes for dinner for us. Sitting at their family table with their adult children, welcomed in like one of the family.

It was the loveliest of evenings.  

We stayed late, visiting and enjoying the company of new friends. Sharing
img_8902our histories making connections and deepening intimacy.

So unexpected and so very sweet! And I was reminded of God’s loveliness – He is such fun! How He loves to surprise us –

Psalm 90:1 Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.

At the wedding in Cana in Galilee, Mary, Jesus’ mother went to him because the party was out of wine.  Jesus instructed the servants to fill jars with water and in one silent prayer offered for the miracle the water blushed at the sight of its Creator – and Voila! water into wine, but not just any wine, the finest wine to delight the senses!

He is extravagant – He not only made the best tasting wine anyone had tasted, He filled 6-8 jars with it which is equivalent to 120-180 gallons or 680 liters.  An average bottle of wine is about 0.75 liters so if my math is correct, Jesus made about 906 bottles of the finest of wines for this party!

Extravagant? Yes! 

Unexpected? Yes! 

Delightful? Yes! 

How often do we miss the sweet surprises He has for us in a day?

Lord, open our eyes to the expectancy of your unexpected! 

So thankful I was paying attention last night to enjoy the unexpected, lavished, abundant, extravagant blessing of new friends and time spent knitting our hearts together!

Psalm 90:1 Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long.

Don’t miss the unexpected surprises He has planned for your day!