Do yourself a favor and google Code Orange Revival and listen to the messages of the guest speakers that Elevation Church hosted for 10 nights of revival.  Christine Caine, Dharius Daniels, Levi Lusko, Joyce Meyers, Louie Gigglio!  Power packed messages that speak of the rhythm, the time, the sound, the place of revival! I have been working my way through each message and I have been so encouraged.  Yesterday, I listened to Louie Gigglio’s message and was not disappointed. He… Read more »

Marc and I were passing a local hospital a couple of days ago and he commented, “It looks pretty but they’re broke.” This hospital recently had a facelift, lots of money poured into the exterior of the building to give it beautiful curb appeal. It’s inviting. I haven’t been inside this particular hospital recently so I am not sure what improvements have been made on the interior parts but word on the streets is that it has no funds to… Read more »

Words are tricky things!  How we define something makes all the difference to how we react to the word and the meanings we give it. Trust, for example, can make some people sweat at just the mention of the word because, for them, trust has been broken, has been painful, has been dishonest. But we must define words accurately in order to respond appropriately. Trusting someone to hold my spot in line at the grocery store versus trusting someone to… Read more »