The heart is the all-important organ in your body, you can live without a hand, an eye, a breast, even a kidney or lung but you can not live without your heart! The heart is the center of life, it tells me, on some level, everything I need to know about the rest of me.  The condition of my heart impacts everything else about me and not just on the physical level, this is a spiritual principle as well.  Proverbs… Read more »

Listening to some messages online lately that inspire and encourage, that normalize and remind me that hard work is necessary for the “more”of God. I am reminded of a story I heard lately about a donkey who’s owner wanted to get rid of him but couldn’t bring himself to shoot him so he threw him into a deep well where he hoped the donkey would die out of his sight so that he would not have to feel guilty. So… Read more »

I was talking with a friend who is in a tough situation right now, living with her in-laws indefinitely is just one of the many challenges that confronts her these days.  She has not been able to hear, feel, or experience God lately which has also made this season feel a bit unbearable! After months of nothing she finally heard Him whisper, “I am pruning you.”  She elaborates, “Nearly every single branch cut back so I can produce new and… Read more »