Imagine with me, for a minute, a flower bud gently, carefully, majestically unfolding into itsbinding prayer full beauty.  Just close your eyes for a second and see a beautiful yellow rose, a gorgeous bluish-purple iris, an enormous magnolia blossom slowly, meticulously unwrapping from the inside out revealing its hidden beauty to the world.

Now, what if that is how we imagined our own becoming.

There’s this pressure to work, work, work.

There’s this pressure to do, do, do.

There’s this pressure to exert energy and press forward toward this goal that is outside of ourselves…but what if? What if you already have everything you need to be? What if God made you perfectly, fearfully, wonderfully, from the very beginning with all of it, everything you need to be all you were created to be?

What if?

What if instead of working, doing, exerting, pressing we simply choose to unfold and reveal the beauty that resides in each of our uniquely designed souls? What if?

I imagine that’s how He intended it all to happen – to unfold what He has precisely, purposefully placed within.  I imagine Him sitting on the edge of His seat as He anxiously waits to see her unfold.  I imagine His delight as each petal opens ever so slowly to express her beauty. I imagine His eyes alight with love as He sees her spread and display her loveliness.  I imagine Him dancing over the beauty she unfolds and shares with the world.  I imagine that He is so in love with this unfolded daughter who displays an aspect of Himself that only she can express.  I imagine that this creation unfolded is His perfectly engineered design and to be her perfect self she must choose simply to unfold and rest in His care.

What if? What if it was that simple?

To unfold and rest in His care.