There are days when we feel small, when we feel defeated, when we feel we will be squashed under the foot of something bigger looming over us, not my favorite days! But these days hold treasure that grow and expand our heart’s capacity for “the more” God has for us in this life.   I have been facing my giants lately. Having difficult conversations, putting things out on the table and not skirting around issues, facing things head on, looking… Read more »

Christmas always sparks up the nostalgic, the purposefulness, the intention to create family and memories and remember! I love tradition and I love making new traditions, my family has lots of them and I want to share some with you so that maybe you will borrow pieces of them to make them part of yours. Choosing a devotional to go through in the month of December has been part of a recent tradition as my children have gotten older.  Ann Voskamp’s, The… Read more »

Early, rainy mornings are my favorite. The house is quiet and dimly lit and there is space to ponder the deep things in my heart. The quiet ushers in room to hear the still, small voice of the One who leans in to whisper to me. A simple question stirs, “Who am I?” Eyes closed as rain gently taps the window panes. The quiet consumes my thoughts and all is silent for just a moment. And I hear Him remind… Read more »