Do you have friends in your boat?

I am so grateful for the friends in mine.

God always see fit to give me a traveling companion. I hate that we have to have rough patches but it is nice to have someone in the boat to talk about it with, or rather to whine, bitch and moan about it with. Someone to identify with me and lament..woe is us! Someone to paddle when I get weary. Someone to be on the lookout for smoother waters. Someone to be pitiful with and not like any of it one bit!

I feel understood, more normal, not so alone.

photo-1428948304740-392e214d312fIt’s hard going it alone. The waters can deep and scary. The waves swelling threatening to drown and capsize the boat. The wind pressing in, pushing to keep you down. It can be disorienting, feeling lost and alone on ungrounded land.

So I am sorry if you find yourself struggling in the same ways with the same issues that I am but I do want you to know, I am happy to have you in my boat! And as I told my bestie the other day while we were paddling around,




“I will paddle for the boat for awhile, you rest!”