cloudThe alarm rings on her phone everyday at 2pm.

I ask, “What’s that for?”

“It’s my reset,” she responds.

Everyday at 2pm my bestie presses reset on her day. She makes a choice everyday at 2pm to change the course of her day if the first half has not gone as planned. She chooses to stop the madness, the yuck, the whatever it is that is stealing her joy and reset!

She chooses to finish each day strong!

Isn’t that an amazing idea?!

You know you have that power right? That capacity to look on the brighter side, to find the good in tough places, to see the glass as half full, to make lemonade out of lemons and all those cliche statements that make you roll your eyes! It belongs to you. The power to choose life, to say no to what is robbing you of the joy in the present moment, to stop the train wreck of a day before the day is over. To find the silver lining!

It’s as simple as setting an alarm on your phone and choosing to reset your attitude, your heart, your outlook, your thoughts, your whatever it is that makes today not good.

Reset and let the rest of the day be better. Look for the silver lining-its everywhere!!