I did something very brave yesterday. I did something I am intimidated as hell about! I did something I have been putting off. I did something that will be a good, hard stretch.

I love God’s divine timing. An old friend contacted me about getting together to “pick my brain about something.” I was a terrible friend, or so I thought, because I read her message and forgot tbaby stepso respond. So she was persistent and pressed again. After a couple of weeks of back and forth we finally set a date. We couldn’t have met earlier for God’s divine plan to unfold, we met right on time!

We had a nice visit, it was good catching up, venting, sharing some common threads of our lives. During our visit she mentioned a conference that she had recently signed up for, a conference I have considered going to for a couple of years now but haven’t been brave enough. It’s a conference for speakers, writers, leaders…intimidating! I don’t like networking, selling myself, and that is all part of this event. I have made so many excuses why not to go – money, distance, time. All she said was, “I’m going and if you want to come you can share my room.”

God’s perfect timing.

It pricked my heart with fear. I still have a million excuses why I shouldn’t go. I still want-don’t want to go, and the don’t want is super strong and has kept me paralyzed. It’s a mountain of a hurdle blocking my view from everything on the other side.

Which is why I HAVE to go!!

I have to jump this obstacle and get past it otherwise I will be in this same space, same place next year. This is one of my most favorite sayings, “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” Sometimes we have to take it slow, slow is fine, but staying stuck, not moving, staying still – that’s never a good plan. We will never be all we were made to be if we stop moving, stuck in our fear of moving forward past the hurdles that block our path.


I did something brave yesterday! I signed up – even though I didn’t want to, even though I was scared, even though it will be hard, even though…I did it anyway! 

What brave thing do you need to do??