I have some Matcha Green Tea that I bought awhile back to add to my smoothies in the morning because I heard it was good for you. Good intentions but it does me no good unopened because just about the time I bought it I got sick of drinking smoothies every morning and I quit drinking them. I was standing in my kitchen this morning looking at this jar of green tea stuff and had a little revelation about myself – I am terrible at consistency!



I start new things all the time…

new meal plan,

new exercise program,

new devotional,

new facial regiment,

new family night idea,

new yard project…

but I don’t usually finish them!

I get sick of it, I get tired of it, I get weary doing, eating, reading the same things day after day!

It’s a terrible excuse but it’s true, I just get tired!

And I kinda hate this about myself… I wish I could eat chicken breast on salad and drink green smoothies everyday. I wish I could commit to a Bible program to do with my homeschooling girls and stick with it, see it through. I wish I could maintain that pretty little above ground herb garden that looked just like something out of Martha Stewart or Magnolia Magazine when I started it but now just looks like a weedy mess of overgrown gardening gone awry.

I have seen my inconsistencies in some areas – like on my bedside table – I typically have 3-4 books I am reading at the same time. Why? Because I get tired of reading the ONE same book, so I switch going back and forth between a few to mix it up! (Just for the record, I do finish the books, even if I hate it, I have to finish it…but that’s a whole different blog – I have issues, as you be starting to see :)! )

So I do know that I tend to be inconsistent but until I spotted that green tea jar this morning I was oblivious to just how pervasive this thing is in my life, and as I stood holding that jar in my hand, it all came into view.

It’s everywhere! Hhhhmmmm… I didn’t know.

Now what?


Do I work to change it?

Do I accept it as part of my personality?

Do I lament about it?

Do I try to sort out what happened to me to make me this way?

Do I challenge myself to do things differently?

I don’t think so…I think today I had a sweet revelation about myself and how I am wired and I think that I am happy to know this about myself. I think I like this about me. It can sometimes be maddening to me but all in all I am ok with it.

I am consistent with the things that really do matter to me – my people, my Jesus, my ministry.

(And the books I read.  As I stated above, I finish all the books I start, eventually!!!)

Who knew green tea could bring such revelation?!?!