For Christmas a friend gave me a book by Ted Dekker called The Forgotten Way. It is rich with Scripture and meditations. Reading this morning and working through the study guide that accompanies, this question was asked…”When you see the Scripture that says that all things consist in Him and are held together by Him, how does that make you see yourself?” Immediately, I saw myself held – cupped in His enrormous hand, sitting right in the palm of it…HELD. What… Read more »

Some of my most favorite times with Jesus are the times when He just sits with me. In all my stuff, He draws close. I was talking with a friend on the phone last week and she said this, “He (meaning God) is so healthy! I told Him I’m mad at Him and asked why He abandoned me and He just let me. He didn’t pick any of it up but stayed with me in it!” I love that we… Read more »