Think about this statement for a moment: “Every revelation you get makes the previous you a little dumber.” This is some wisdom my husband shared at our last Growth Challenge meeting as we discovered new things about ourselves that morning.

Revelation is defined by as “something revealed or disclosed, especially striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.” One of Miriam Webster’s online dictionary’s definitions is this, “a pleasant often enlightening surprise.”  

I am so thankful for the gift of revelation and am often surprised by the fact that so many people don’t open this gift. They leave it sitting, beautifully wrapped, on a shelf

untouched, unopened, unwanted.


Denial is a powerful thing and it keeps us right where we are stuck –

stuck in our current thinking,

stuck in old ways,

stuck in patterns of the past.

rc3It’s as if we are walking in a circle, round and round and round, wearing a rut into the ground, over and over, we travel the same worn path, head down looking at our feet, one tired step in front of another, circling, meaninglessly circling. Stuck circling – the same old way, the same old way. Like a record on a turntable spinning when the song is over, the needle bumping up against the center, alerting the listener the song is over, can you hear it? That familiar sound of the record player’s arm calling you to attention “It’s done, it’s finished, hey, the song has been sung!”


Revelations help us to break the cycle of denial, open our eyes to see things in a different light, give us a new vantage point on an old situation.

Fresh, new perspective!  

Breathe that in for a moment.

Revelations about ourselves, about others and about God move us to a new state of being. And it’s funny how they come sometimes. You can hear the same message a dozen times (maybe a hundred if you are stubborn like me) and then what feels like all of a sudden you hear it differently! Ding! Ding! Ding! Revelation! And you are forever changed! You can not go back to thinking about that situation, that person, the same way. The shift in your thinking has opened you up to a new reality, you are smarter, you are different!

Oh happy day, you are different! 

And don’t get stuck in this rut either – that I should have seen this before! This is just another meaningless circle that will spin you right into condemnation and right out of your new mindset. You see it now because you see it! It is what it is! You didn’t have the revelation before now because you didn’t. I’m not sure why, there could be a million reasons, but today, for whatever reason, the stars lined up and God whispered, “Now!” And voila you are made anew! Enjoy this sweet moment of revelation and thank the good Lord that He has chosen to open your eyes, your heart, your mind to this new perspective right on time.

So, don’t live in a rut! Choose to open your eyes to new things. Everything is a mirror for us to look into and see ourselves clearer – that attitude in someone else that repulses you, that frustrating situation that won’t get better, that heartbreaking moment that is stuck with you, that silly, petty “why the heck won’t they move on” thought you have about another…all mirrors!

Ask these questions –
Lord, what do you want to teach me through this person/situation?
Lord, what is it about myself you want me to see through this person/situation?
Lord, what revelation do you have for me through this person/sitatuation?

It is amazing what you will learn, SEE, when you posture yourself in a teachable way. Everything is a mirror for us to look into and see ourselves clearer!

Open the gift today!

Take it off the shelf, untie the ribbon, tear through the paper, and look inside the box!

There’s so much to see when you live eyes wide open! 

Thank you Lord for the gift of revelation that I can see my relationships, my predicaments, myself in fresh, new ways. Thank you that I don’t have to continue circling that same old, worn path that has kept me stuck for so long, serving no one well. Thank you that you have given me the mind of Christ to see past my current state to my smarter, realized, revealed future state. Thank you!

You are so good to me! Print