I feel an ease within my soul – a lighter, deep breathing peace that feels easier to carry around today. Things had been heavy, crushing really – the air squeezed out of me, sucked up with nothing left in the room for lungs to breathe. I have been holding my breath. I am not really sure why, I think I have been doing this for a very long time. It’s funny how you don’t notice things until they are no longer the same. I have been this way a long time and it had become my normal and it wasn’t until I took a deep breath and started breathing again that I noticed how long I have been holding my breath.

I sat with a friend the other day, laughing, enjoying the moment. I noticed how comfortable I felt in what used to be a seemingly uncomfortable situation – breathing…breathing…breathing.

Free to breathe no matter where I find myself.


I received a text soon after our visit:

“Guess what I noticed today?

Your spontaneous smile, laughter and joy are back!!!

Glad you’re back.”

It was nice to hear,

it was nice someone who loves me, who has been praying for me noticed,

it was nice she pointed it out so that I would notice!

Big deep breath…I’m so thankful for lung expanding, full chest, deep breaths!

Happy to notice that I am not holding my breath anymore!

I have missed the ease of joy!