Don’t you just love when you can see God’s hand at work in your life?

His movement in the smallest of details to orchestrate His divine plan?

Every detail like a chess piece on the board with calculated moves for the win.

One of my children had a situation come up with her fellow classmates, not really a big deal on the surface. Iimagine a large black kettle and throw in teenagers, high stress, disagreement, cell phones, deadlines – recipe for disaster right? Feelings got hurt, misunderstandings wedged between relationships and the devil has a field day with perceptions. The kettle went from simmer to boiling overflow, making a mess everywhere.

A sit down meeting was called with parents and students. It was a sweet moment as conversations were had, hearts were heard and relationships mended. A safe “laboratory” for our kids to experiment, learning how to effectively communicate, care for one another’s hearts and reconcile.

But God wasn’t finished…

As I look back over the events that led up to this situation I see God’s fingerprints all over – His letting this…even better…actually orchestrating the events, using teens to push buttons so tempers might flare to force, if you will, this meeting of parents and students.

In this group, there are many students in this class that this situation could have involved.

But only four were chosen!

There were four, three on one side of the fence and one standing alone. Coincidentally (which I don’t believe for a second was a coincidence) the other two standing on the “fence side” with my daughter have parents who know Marc and I intimately, know about our ministry and what we do. At the meeting we were introduced to the lone fencer’s family. A little comment about the fact that we have a counseling minsitry yada yada yada…no biggie.

Conversation continues between moms at lunch and more light is shed on what we do.

Conversation with me later in the day and the plan unfolds…

God needed us to meet, Marc and I have a piece of the puzzle for lone fencer’s healing, we can help!

This whole situation brought me to tears by the end of the day as I put it all together…

He really does leave the Ninety-nine for the ONE!

chess 2

Seeing His hand all along the way, He allowed, maybe even prodded, that this situation would escalate because He so wanted to rescue the one. It was not an accident who He brought to the table, the players in the game.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

He really outdid Himself and I am so glad for the clarity to see His intimate hand in the details that moved the mountains to bring about what is to come. He so desperately wants us healed, whole and free.

chess3How is He moving the chess pieces in your life?

Who has He brought that introduced you to so and so?

That opened the door for this or that?

That made way for one thing or another?


He is a Grandmaster chess player, calculating every move, weighing every option, seeing the end before the game ever starts, knowing how to carefully and purposefully move each piece for the game to go as He chooses. Your healing is His game and He is planning every move along the way to facilitate and win the game!

11 players showed up at the table (parents and students), hundreds of moves (conversations, misunderstandings, distance, judgements, perceptions) 1 Grandmaster manipulating the board for His 1 beloved lost sheep!

You are of great value to your Heavenly Father and He will move mountains, use other players, thousands of moments – the good, the bad and the ugly, to move you into position for His good purposes!