treasure map

I was challenged yesterday by a couple in our office. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I listened to their story. It’s a tragic story of loss and rejection but they are overcomers. The issues with their children is what drove them into our office, they were desperate for change which makes a soul hungry and willing.

One of the things we teach, when the door opens, is what we call Recall Healing. This is the belief that the stories, aka unresolved conflicts, of our past have an impact on our children and play out in a physical, emotional and/or spiritual way in their lives. This impact begins even before conception. There is a 30-month window of time known as the programmed or project purpose that includes the 9 months before pregnancy, the conception story, the 9 months of pregnancy, the birth story and the first year of life of the child. The school of thought in Recall Healing is the environment between the parents in which the child is conceived and “brews” in, if you will, is part of that child’s story.

We know that in utero a baby is affected by the physical, emotional, and spiritual life of the mother. That baby is in her and part of her. Every cell that has created the baby contains the combined DNA of the mother and father. We also know, because scientist are awesome and keep studying to learn and understand our world, our bodies, etc that in that DNA parents don’t just pass on the physical traits that make us up like hair color, foot size, and blood type, but they also pass on memories, or stories,  and “programs” that turn genes on and off. This field of study is known as epigenetics. Fascinating! So we are not only a mix of our parents protein DNA but also a mix of stories from our ancestors in our family trees.

In the field of Recall Healing it is believed that children are programmed with certain issues in utero that we can see carried out as patterns/behaviors in their lives. Weird stuff I know, but over and over again in our office we see the raw results of this phenomenon. It is said that a child is either the solution to a conflict a parent has yet to resolve or the child carries the same conflict repeating the pattern of the parent. So for example, a father who didn’t have a voice in his family, who was rejected and not able to speak up may have a son who is very opinionated and feels the pressure to voice his opinion all the time – he is the solution to dad’s conflict. A mother who was criticized for her body type, demeaned, food was restricted, comments were made in earshot may have grown up with a low self esteem. She might have a daughter who emulates that same conflict and turn to anorexia or bulimia as a solution to manage the unresolved conflict that isn’t even hers to begin with.


Recall Healing is not about blaming,

that is never the path to healing, that is not God’s way –

we don’t search for the stories in an effort to blame,

we search to understand and to free.

The truth is our parents did the best they could, we have done the best we could, even if our best, their best sucked! We can only give what we got. If we grew up with an abusive, critical parent know that they grew up with an abusive, critical parent. Sin begets sin! The purpose of unearthing the painful stories from our past is not to blame, but to own! To own what it is that we got. We can not change what we deny and choose not to see! Only when we are honest with ourselves can change come. To hold the painful stories gives God access to heal our hearts and break the chains that perpetuate the stories!

To be honest, it is a treasure hunt.

Those painful stories written into your soul and the souls of your children can be healed and released from you,

you have the power to change the story and write it anew,

you have the power to change the cells in your family tree even still today no matter the age of your children.

That is treasure isn’t it!?!?!!

So back to that beautiful couple – they came in ready to look at their stories, the stories of their parents and change. They did the hard work of remembering! Choosing to go back to the beginning of their relationship and feel the hard parts, the disappointments, the failures, the loss…it is painful to remember – this work is not for the faint at heart! But the treasure, oh the treasure!

The beautiful part of Recall Healing is that to simply remember, recall a story and share that story with another from an emotional place is what releases the hold that story has on our souls, on our cells. When someone recalls the story and feels the energy/emotion trapped within, releasing that energy/emotion, the cells of the body are freed from that story, no longer there to be passed on. So what does that mean for our children? It means they are released, unhooked from that story. Healthy momma/daddy healthy baby…child…teenager…adult child! God’s gift of healing is not limited to infancy, He can restore the years the locust have stolen at any age!

This beautiful couple has spent the last three weeks remembering, sharing, feeling, grieving their stories and they are literally seeing their children change before their eyes! The mom told me that somewhere along life’s path the free spirited little girl of her firstborn got lost and this past week she literally watched as she reemerged in her daughter’s face right before her eyes. These parents are healing their family tree, breaking off the curses from the 3rd and 4th generations and creating blessings in the cells of their children to extend to the 1000th generations!

Praise Him!

He makes all things new!

Even our cells down to the microscopic level!

I was teary most of the session! What a gift to witness, to have a front row seat to the healing power of God and the willingness, at all costs, of two people to change the course of history for their family forever!

The treasure hunt is never easy! It is dangerous, perilous, treacherous.

Dark, dirty places.

Deep, dingy secrets.

Never easy to find, it takes work, digging, digging, digging!

Your back will ache, shoulders will burn, face will be covered in filth as you unearth.

But when your shovel hits that hard patch buried below, oh what joy!

A treasure chest full of riches, enough to share to the 1000th generations!

buried treasure

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