Marc and I took our littlest to the Chris Tomlin concert this past week. Some friends gifted us with tickets and what a gift!  The concert was amazing, Kim Walker-Smith was on stage all night, she’s kind of like one of my faves!  Evyn loved and stayed postured- hands lifted most of the night – it was the sweetest watching her worship.

This was my first delight!

My second was a young lady sitting a row in front of us. She was so fun!  Probably around 16 years or so and she had the best time and I had the best time watching her. She danced and sang and was a party all by herself.  Coincidentally, she wasn’t by herself, she was sitting with about four or five other girls her age, smack dab in the middle of them but she was one of a kind! The other girls stood stiff like boards the entire concert, not a hand lifted, not a single dance move but this stiffness didn’t stop my little fun friend! She nudged and moved and tried to get them to come with her on the ride she was on but none of them would have it, so she rode all by herself!

I fell in love with her!

Her spunk,

Her willingness to be herself regardless of what others thought or did,

Her fun!

I pray she never lose herself – that she never look to the eyes of this world to define her – that she always play and dance and be herself. What a joy it is to see someone be unashamedly herself!  It was such a gift to me!

I couldn’t help myself – when the concert ended I leaned forward, grabbed her shoulders and said, “You are so much fun!  I so enjoyed you! Thank you! Don’t stop being fun because you really are amazing!”

I pray she forever hears my voice whisper that truth into her ear that night. Those days she doubts herself, believes she doesn’t compare, feels less than, silly or unimportant!  I pray that whisper rush back to her ear and she is reminded of how lovely she truly is to those secretly watching!

Sweet girl you are more than enough!!  A delight!!