Driving west to Santa Fe all night. We left with the sun high in the sky over our Louisiana home and watched it sink into the earth in front of us, gone as black liquid skies speckled with star lights consumed us for hours. 17 hours is a long time in the car… and of all of us… me, my husband, my 16 year, 13 year old and 11 year, I am definitely the worst traveler. I get restless, achy knees and bored in cramped space. And I can not sleep in the car for some reason so I’m pretty miserable. Night feels like forever when you are sleepy but can’t sleep. Miserable!

Daybreak comes slowly, the sun sends it messengers of light beams out to announce its arrival. Coloring the wide expanse of sky with pinks and oranges and yellows, a delicious cotton candy sky welcomes the sun’s rise. Slowly in the east the color moves across the sky. Light and blue skies taking over the grey sky in front of me, hijacking the night, overtaking the darkness.

The hope of a new day sneaking up on us like the seeker in a game of hide and seek, tiptoeing behind to surprise. As the fire globe rises in the sky, the shadows melt away, touching the landscape to reveal the details of mountains in the distance.

I am reminded, as the sun comes up behind us, that when looking forward we can get stuck in only seeing

grey skies,

bleak outcomes,


the long road.

Remember!! We have to look behind us sometimes to see the color chasing us down. Our own testimonies of the glory revealed, the stories that shed light on God’s intrusion into our lives, the roads we have traveled that have gotten us to where we are now.

We are told to stay forward focused,

don’t look back,

keep your eye on the prize.

But sometimes looking back is the only way to move forward.

Today I pray;

May the light chase you down!