Did you know that emotions have a vibration? Anger, jealousy, joy, sadness, fear, delight all vibrate at a specific frequencies. Ever heard the saying emotions are contagious? Have you ever noticed when you walk into a funeral service how you literally can feel the grief in the room, it’s heavy and can feel suffocating. Have you ever listened to a friend’s story about an injustice and by the end of it you are feeling as ticked off about it as they are feeling? What about when you hang out with really happy joy-filled people, ever notice how you leave that experience feeling lighter and happier? This is because emotions are contagious! They buzz all about us all the time and literally change our body chemistry if we are not paying attention.

The human body is somewhere between 65-80% water (depending on what source you cite). Have you ever watched water in a container by a speaker when music is playing? It vibrates from the frequencies of the music. Our bodies literally do the same things with the emotional frequencies we surround ourselves with.

Emotional contagion is a real thing. You are a walking emotional conductor, picking up the energetic vibration of all the busyness about you. And if you are not careful and unaware you can start to believe that some of what you are picking up is actually yours instead of someone else’s emotional debris.

Start paying attention!

Ask yourself, “Am I feeling this way or is this my friend’s stuff who I just got off the phone with or the cashier where I just check out from or the people in the room I just left?” We subconsciously pick up and carry other’s baggage with us without our even knowing and baggage is heavy!!

So before assuming it’s yours – your sadness, frustration, jealousy, anger, disappointment, etc. check it out – be an observer of yourself.

Did I feel this way when I woke up?

When did I start feeling this way?

What happened before I started feeling this way?

Backtrack in your day and look for the root. You might find that what you are feeling is not yours at all AND if it is NOT —SHAKE IT OFF!!!

Get out of your chair and shake it off!! You will feel the load lift and fall off – shake shake shake shake shake shake shake!