“Don’t chase big but don’t think small” is a thought that I found in my notes on my phone this morning.  I don’t remember where it came from or who said it was it must have been impactful for me to write down and as I read it again it does make me stop and ponder. 

It is hard to dance between these two forces – BIG and small!  So many times we are told to dream big, reach for the starts, the sky’s the limit but I have found when I have not tapered that in realistic expectations it has led me to disappointment.  I am still learning how to dream big and think small.  It is a dance I still wrestle to learn the steps. It is not effortless or beautiful most days!

It feels limiting to me and somewhat self-sabotaging to not believe in the dream with everything I have.  But history and past experiences gnaw at my heart to slow down and remember what is “true” and currently real so as not to find myself in a pit of disappointment when it doesn’t happen the way I dream about it! I believe, in that space, I limit the “what could be” possibly.

To dream without pause…I have a friend today and have had friends in the past who are big dreamers. It inspires me! I love to sit in her presence and listen to her dreamy plans that unfold right before my eyes. I am a bit envious of the ease with which it seems to flow out of her.  She sees no limits or obstacles most of the time and I sit to glean in her field as often as I can hoping her big dreamy heart is contagious and I will be infected with the easiness of her believing for “all the things”. 

Art by Kellie Smith http://www.kjaneart.com

My logical brain hijacks my endless believing heart most days.

I can find all the reasons it won’t work, can’t work, doesn’t work. 

All the reasons to guard my heart, be careful, slow down. 

All the reasons to let go, stop it and play small.

Just breathe…I hear my heart whisper

Breathe and believe and most importantly, hold loosely!

That is the key to MY big dreaming — To hold loosely.

I used to believe that was a betrayal to my faithful dreaming but I am learning that to chase big but think small means to hold loosely to

how it is going to look,

when it is going to come to me,

what it is going to be.

Hands offered in altar position, gently cupped and slightly opened, lifted between mine and His, I hold loosely to the dream knowing that it belongs to God first and is a gift to my heart from Him.

So, in the end it is up to Him to accomplish all the things!

He doesn’t punish my doubt or disbelief, no, He pulls in closer and whispers it louder like a child telling a secret that all can hear.

My heart races in the excitement and expectation of it all coming true.

Believing is key…

in His timing,

in my timing,

in the timing of those participating in making His dreams come true —

– the great clock watcher is right on time, all the time!