This past weekend a friend shared this thought from a message she heard recently – God speaks to us from where He is leading us. Profound! Just stop and think about this for a minute.

He knows where you have been,

He knows where you are

and He knows where you are going.

He sees where you are going!!! He calls from our future to lead us into straight paths, to light the way into rescue but we can’t hear Him because most of the time we are stuck in the way we see our present.

Paralyzed with fear,

Paralyzed with questions,

Paralyzed with doubt,

Paralyzed with blindness.

We can’t see where we are going and we don’t understand.

In our present situations we are, oftentimes, walking in circles trying to make sense of the madness, trying to understand the “whys”, trying to see our way through, trying to logic our way out but that is not the walk of faith we are called to.

Faith is defined as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”

Our walks lack faith. We trust in ourselves and what we can see. Walking in faith feels insecure and scary much of the time. We want to trust in our own feet and the ground we can see. We want answers and evidence. We want to feel sure in whatever is next. But that is not His way. He calls from the future. We can’t see what He is calling us to YET. Our future is calling in His still, small, reassuring voice. He calls us into our future and invites us take His hand, He will lead the way.

Don’t trust what you see in the here and now,

Don’t trust the evidence you have,

Don’t trust what you are sure of,

Don’t trust what has been…

Lifting our heads, tilting our chins and casting our eyes ahead, He calls from the future. He promises to meet you right where you are now and walk with you into your next. He speaks from a place you have not seen or maybe even believed for. Seeing you, knowing you and all that you are created for this world, He beckons forward. He believes for you until you can believe for yourself. “For I know the plans I have for you…” (Jeremiah 29:11a), “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). Thinking about my future self, these Scriptures hit differently. He is calling from my future to walk forward in faith.

Eyes up!!

He leads me, He knows the way, He has the cosmic Google Maps set on the best route. Look to the horizon not at your feet. He whispers, “Eyes up, listen for my voice, I know the way.”