What are you missing?

What aren’t you seeing?

What magic is going unnoticed?

It’s all around us…this magic! And we miss it all time because we are too busy, too distracted, too focused on the wrong things sometimes, too stuck looking in the wrong direction, at the wrong stuff!

The details are important. Personally, I think God is talking to us all the time in the details of our lives.

The thought crosses your mind before you walk out the door – grab a sweater and you think, “No, it’s hot outside” and you get to lunch and the restaurant is freezing.

Feel like maybe you should take “this” alternate route to work but ignore the push and get stuck at a train for 15 minutes making you late as a result.

Listening to a podcast or watching a video and you think to yourself, “Oh, I should save this link” but you don’t stop to do so and talking with someone later in the day the message comes back to mind and you want to share but can’t find the link anymore.

So many little moments, so many little, missed moments…

I believe those little nudges are that still, small voice calling to us, calling for our attention. They whisper, “Pay attention! Listen up! Hey, notice this!” And we blow past it!




What OBVIOUS, hidden messages are you missing? Hidden in plain sight, right?

The sweet butterfly that hovers to kiss you – maybe a sweet reminder of your passed mom.

The kind smile from a stranger – the balm for your heart that you didn’t even know you needed.

The quiet nudge to wear a certain necklace – because you will be asked later to give it away to someone who needs to know how special they are.

All the little ways He works in our lives. We look for answers in the distance thinking they are somewhere out there, far away in the future but the truth is – maybe they are right at your feet!

Little purple flowers hidden below.

Walking up the hill, Marc said, “Do you see the purple flowers?” I had to stop, bend and look deep to find them hidden below…little treasures to delight!

Sweet little purple flowers that remind me to




God is the WORD, He is never silent.

He is Living Water, never dry.

He is always moving, always speaking, always orchestrating on your behalf!

Look for and listen for all the ways He is making Himself known to you and for you! You are not alone, Holy Spirit, our Comforter, our Counselor, is near, present and actively showing up in the little details of your every moment! Look for the “little purple treasures” all around you!