This line from the movie Enola Holmes grabbed my heart,

“If you stay true to yourself, your path will find you again.”

-Wise, wise words from Enola’s mom to her.

Seems counterintuitive at first. I believe we feel like we are supposed to chase, search, dig, pursue, find. All of us in pursuit of a path – our path. The path designed for us, the path that lights up our hearts, the path we feel called to follow. This mysterious path seemingly

lost to us,


out of reach

but maybe this is because our focus is off and we are looking for the wrong thing, in the wrong direction.

What does it mean to stay true to yourself?

What does that mean to you?

Does staying true to yourself look like saying “yes” more? Saying “no” more? Speaking up or sitting quiet more often? Is it turning in and feeling deep pain? Is it moving out and letting go? Is it stepping into something that makes you feel courageous, grounded or inviting? Does it stretch you or comfort you? Can you stay out of judgment and choose curious? What if you lived more expectant versus setting expectations? Can you see the opportunity in all of it – the pain, the joy, the trials, the ease – can you see how God can use it ALL for your good? What does staying true to yourself look, feel, smell, taste and sound like? Would you be willing to explore that? Does being true to yourself come easy to you or is it hard? Does it throw off perfection and instead offer transparency, authenticity and vulnerability? Does that scare you or excite you? Where do you feel that in your body? How long has it been since you have asked your heart what it desires? Do you honor what it needs? Have you ever even stopped to think what being TRUE TO YOURSELF actually means to you?

It’s different for each of us because we are uniquely fearfully and wonderfully made!

Can you stop looking for the path and look in the mirror?

Your path will find you!

Your path will find you!

Your path will find you again!