A friend of mine shared this “tool” that her daughter uses and I thought we could all benefit from her wisdom.

Have you heard of “Rant Rides”?

It’s a simple process with two simple rules:

  1. The Ranter does not drive
  2. The Driver does not speak

When things are bubbling, when the fuse is short, when you are flooded to overflow, when you need to just let it all out – it’s time for a Rant Ride!

To rant is defined as “to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.”

A safe space to spill!

A messy space to murmur!

A quiet space to quake!

A fast space to flood!

A private space to purge!

Sometimes we just need to say all the things without self-criticism or judgment, without questioning or second-guessing, without condemnation or the need to apologize. We need someone on our side even if we are dead wrong and deluded – just for a moment – to know that someone who has our back and holds that space to feel all the feels so we can get free!

Just because you say it does not make it true – it just gets it out of you and out of you it easier to see and deal with. Out of you you can discern, digest and discard. It doesn’t have to mean anything – it’s just loaded words that need to explode so you don’t implode.

So get a driver and speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way until you are finished.

Don’t discuss it, don’t try to figure it out, don’t worry about making sense – just rant!

And when you’re done go get ice cream and celebrate the freedom you find on the other side of the rant! And be ready to drive when it’s your friend’s turn for a rant ride!