I was privileged to be in the room and bear witness to the passing through of my mother-in-law from this life into the next today at 3:33pm. There is this space between life and death- this reverent, holy, peace-filled, silent space. You feel in every cell of your own body if you pay attention. I noticed my breath as she struggled with hers. I noticed my heart beating as her sped and slowed. I noticed the solemn in the moment… Read more »

I got to visit Smith Lake in Alabama this week and sit on its banks for a few days. It is a beautiful place full of peace and quiet. I practiced silence and solitude for the first half of each of the days here and was inspired to write again this short thought. One morning sitting on a screened porch, I listened to all the sounds nature offered. Birds singing a tune, leaves rustling ever so slightly, the water on… Read more »

Walking early Sunday morning through the Acadiana Park I came across this sign – “Do not pick wildflowers” and it got me thinking. I love wildflowers and definitely agree with this “rule” because I like to see them growing and if you pick them I will miss them and vice versa but this sign brought me down another path of thought as I walked pondering the “wildflowers” in my life. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “wildflower” as the flower of a wild… Read more »