We don’t go “there” –too afraid we will get caught up in our stuff, drown in the our pain, be overtaken by the emotions that threaten to sweep us away and swallow us up. But the reality is — you live “there” – all that stuff, all that pain, all those emotions spinning and coloring your world. It taints every relationship, it clouds eyes that look into the mirror distorting the image before them, it finds evidence to support lies… Read more »

I have a precious friend who is waiting…she is waiting for the arrival of her first born, her son.  She is 37 weeks and she is ready…the room is prepared, the diapers have been bought, shower gifts have been opened, washed and carefully stored away, his bed is made, her arms are ready to hold this little miracle that God has gifted her with!  It is a fun yet frustrating time..those last few weeks of waiting…the waiting of something so… Read more »

We have been learning about heaven and listening to messages with heaven as the focus and it has been amazing and, for some reason, easily believable! I say that because I tend to be a skeptic!  I wish I wasn’t but it is just how I am wired. I like to test things, I like to find more evidence to support things.  I don’t just like it, I need those things to help me believe!  One of my most favorite… Read more »