A friend of mine shared this “tool” that her daughter uses and I thought we could all benefit from her wisdom. Have you heard of “Rant Rides”? It’s a simple process with two simple rules: The Ranter does not drive The Driver does not speak When things are bubbling, when the fuse is short, when you are flooded to overflow, when you need to just let it all out – it’s time for a Rant Ride! To rant is defined… Read more »

This line from the movie Enola Holmes grabbed my heart, “If you stay true to yourself, your path will find you again.” -Wise, wise words from Enola’s mom to her. Seems counterintuitive at first. I believe we feel like we are supposed to chase, search, dig, pursue, find. All of us in pursuit of a path – our path. The path designed for us, the path that lights up our hearts, the path we feel called to follow. This mysterious… Read more »

What are you missing? What aren’t you seeing? What magic is going unnoticed? It’s all around us…this magic! And we miss it all time because we are too busy, too distracted, too focused on the wrong things sometimes, too stuck looking in the wrong direction, at the wrong stuff! The details are important. Personally, I think God is talking to us all the time in the details of our lives. The thought crosses your mind before you walk out the… Read more »