IMG_2690So I have this thing with expectations…  This unhealthy thing that keeps me frustrated and disappointed.  It keeps me backed up in relationships, it keeps my heart on the wrong thing, it keeps my focus distorted and blurry.

How much of my life, my marriage, my friendships do I live in expectation??

And lest you think I am a hypocrite, please don’t think that for one minute I escape the scrutiny of my own expectations of myself.  This standard permeates how I view myself failing as a Mom, how I see my “not in shape enough” body, how I evaulate myself as a friend, how I feel a disappointment to God with my lack of spiritual discipline.  I am mess when I compare myself to this dead, deteriorating, rule book of requirements that my own expectations place on me!


What if I chose to live in expectancy instead?

What if instead of putting the heaviness of expectations on, I stepped into the ease of living in expectancy?

How would my relationships change if I lived in expectancy??


To be expectant of what the day will hold!

To hold with expectancy the hope of a new day, new mercies, new grace!

  • Expectant of what overlooked gift I might find in that relationship…
  • Expectant of the unrealized potential of another…
  • Expectant of the sweet memories that will be created…
  • Expectant of the challenge someone else will call me to…
  • Expectant of the amazing thing God is doing in this season…
  • Expectant of the abundant life He promises me…

To live in expectancy…now that’s kingdom living!!!

Sacro Desco is an Italian term for “sacred table.”

Sacro DescoIt represents a commitment many Italians have to share at least one meal all together as a family every day. According to Parade magazine, teens who have regular meals with their parents have better grades and are less likely to be depressed. Several university studies show that preteens whose parents tell family stories at dinner have higher self-esteem and better peer relationships and are less likely to smoke, drink and hang out with sexually active friends.  A study at Columbia University showed that teens who have 2 or fewer family dinners a week are more likely to smoke, drink and hang out with sexually active friends, and they are 6 times more likely to use marijuana. The study also revealed that 84% of teens said they’d rather eat with their parents than alone.

Wow!  Pretty amazing what a little time around the Kitchen Table can do for your kids!!

Here’s another little interesting tidbit:  the 3 things that we usually remember, with great happiness, from our childhood, are time outdoors, vacations and family meals.  So take some time to SLOW DOWN and make some happy memories with your kids!

Just Be Obedient!!
I am always amazed at how the Lord honors my obedience. So much of my walk has just been one foot in front of the other, doing what is right in front of me. And I am always taken aback when I see Him swing the door wide open in an area that is seemingly unrelated to where I have been walking!

Oh how He delights in our obedience to His still, small voice!

On this journey with Him I realize more and more that He knows the desires of my heart…He knows my secret wishes…He knows where I would like to see His movement in my life and even though it doesn’t look like I think it should and done the way I think it ought to be done…He so honors every secret desire in His time and in His way! Be obedient to His voice even when you don’t understand…especially when you don’t understand!!

Scripture says “His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than ours!” He really does have the better way! My pastor’s wife says this often: “You never know what is on the other side of your obedience!” Well…I can testify…it is something more wonderful and freeing and healing than I could have ever done for myself! Just do it..just be obedient! He will not disappoint!