We have a skinny cat, her name is Chubs. My youngest named her chubs and if you could hear her say it, you would indeed laugh! She pulls her chin into her chest and says in a deep, slow voice, “CHUBS!” and giggles uncontrollably! We have a skinny cat, she belongs to this silly girl, her name is Chubs.  

Ever find yourself going around that same mountain again? It’s so frustrating! I hate that dang mountain!! I find myself back, circling this mountain of inadequacy! Around this mountain I compare myself and always fall short. Around this mountain I feel less than. Around this mountain I doubt myself and my purpose. Around this mountain I feel small and insignificant. Around this mountain I stumble…   I find myself here again…but I don’t feel so conquered by it this time…. Read more »

  I crossed over anger…I have been angry, it’s been weird – I have been mad – feeling abandoned and betrayed — have not been able to make sense of it – I haven’t liked the feeling – wanting to close my heart off and lock it up. We are such complicated creatures – how our feelings can be so irrational and color things – they used to scare me because I believed them to be true – it’s so… Read more »