Sexuality is defined as the whole way a person goes about expressing himself or herself as a sexual being. We are spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual beings. Yes, sexual beings…we are not always comfortable with this thought. Maybe because we have been made to think of our sexuality as dirty, inappropriate, a private matter, unacceptable, a secret. Some of us have been shamed in our sexuality because of unhealthy others crossing invisible boundaries that were never meant to be breached –… Read more »

You know, we really work against ourselves so many times. Spinning in a rut we can stay stuck far too long, immaturity keeps us holding on to things that we were never meant to pick up, lost on our paths to nowhere. Let go! Look past! Stop living small…there’s too much to do in this life! A friend reminded me today of all of this as she whispered, “It’s time to come out and play!” Indeed it is! So let me… Read more »

My 9 year old (almost 10) came in this morning and asked,”What are you reading?” I felt shame flood my face as I responded, “It’s called Happy Weight.” Hold the phone….what the heck is that!? My mind floated back to a memory of a group of women in one of my classes years ago. The class was designed for those struggling to come to terms and heal from sexual abuse in their past. It was a book study through Dan Allender’s… Read more »