Walking across my yard this morning, I watched two birds fly overhead. A big black crow was being chased by a much smaller mockingbird. The crow was at least 2-3 times bigger than the bird chasing it.

How many things in your life are chasing after you and have you running scared without looking back to the shadow?

Why don’t we look back at the things that scare us?

What keeps us moving forward away from that scary thing behind us?

What if……

What if it’s not as big, bad, bold, beastly as you think?

I know that the things that scare me, oftentimes, control me. I run scared and not even sure what I am running from. Emotions jacked up, thoughts racing, nausea in my belly, heart heavy with worry and anxiety, adrenaline coursing through my veins and I don’t even know why. Can’t quite put my finger on what it is all about. Do you know what I mean?

The last few days I have felt this in moments. Panic rising, finding my breathing labored and fear taking hold. It grabs me before I even realize it. It’s sneaky that way.

Creeps up,

creeps in,

and the creeping invades all – body, soul and spirit.

We must stay vigilant and alert and for heavens sake – TURN AROUND!

What is chasing you? What is it? Look it square in the eye and call it back under your authority. Your thoughts, your body do NOT have permission to wild without your acknowledgement and agreement.

When I notice the wilding this is what I do:

  • notice – notice my body…heart…mind…(where do i feel it?)
  • acknowledge that i feel…(name it)
  • ask myself what is causing these feelings, can i control these circumstances or situations…(if i can – i do something about it, if i cannot…)
  • i TURN AROUND – i use EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique), prayer, writing, calling a friend to externally process – something to take ownership of my emotions and bring the chaos back into order.

What little bird is chasing you out of your yard? What little bird is making a lot of noise and creating chaos in your space? What little bird is running the show? What little bird is wreaking havoc in your body, soul and spirit?

2 Timothy 1:7 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. With power and love (self-love) and self-control we cultivate a sound, clear, grounded, in the moment, unshaken, faith-mountain-moving mind!

Did you know that emotions have a vibration? Anger, jealousy, joy, sadness, fear, delight all vibrate at a specific frequencies. Ever heard the saying emotions are contagious? Have you ever noticed when you walk into a funeral service how you literally can feel the grief in the room, it’s heavy and can feel suffocating. Have you ever listened to a friend’s story about an injustice and by the end of it you are feeling as ticked off about it as they are feeling? What about when you hang out with really happy joy-filled people, ever notice how you leave that experience feeling lighter and happier? This is because emotions are contagious! They buzz all about us all the time and literally change our body chemistry if we are not paying attention.

The human body is somewhere between 65-80% water (depending on what source you cite). Have you ever watched water in a container by a speaker when music is playing? It vibrates from the frequencies of the music. Our bodies literally do the same things with the emotional frequencies we surround ourselves with.

Emotional contagion is a real thing. You are a walking emotional conductor, picking up the energetic vibration of all the busyness about you. And if you are not careful and unaware you can start to believe that some of what you are picking up is actually yours instead of someone else’s emotional debris.

Start paying attention!

Ask yourself, “Am I feeling this way or is this my friend’s stuff who I just got off the phone with or the cashier where I just check out from or the people in the room I just left?” We subconsciously pick up and carry other’s baggage with us without our even knowing and baggage is heavy!!

So before assuming it’s yours – your sadness, frustration, jealousy, anger, disappointment, etc. check it out – be an observer of yourself.

Did I feel this way when I woke up?

When did I start feeling this way?

What happened before I started feeling this way?

Backtrack in your day and look for the root. You might find that what you are feeling is not yours at all AND if it is NOT —SHAKE IT OFF!!!

Get out of your chair and shake it off!! You will feel the load lift and fall off – shake shake shake shake shake shake shake!

Are you a busy bee? I’m am! Always moving, fidgeting, wiggling about! I can remember being little eating spaghetti at my uncle’s house sitting halfway in a chair, one cheek on, one cheek off, wiggling, moving, squirming all over the place. I can close my eyes and hear him say, “Melissa Ayn sit still and eat your dinner.” I am pretty sure I drove him a little crazy with all the vibration and buzzing around the dinner table. We laugh about it now, it’s a sweet memory!

Life is buzzy! Instant coffee, microwaves, fast drying nail polish, we don’t have to sit still for too long. Waiting is a lost art for sure. Most of us have forgotten how to slow and be still. It takes effort now to do so. Our fast paced lives demand we move and move quickly.

I am still pretty fidgety – if you sit near me for any length of time you will notice. I still wiggle and squirm in my chair. Cross my legs, uncross my legs, lean in, lean back, spin my hair into a bun, play with my necklace…wiggly! I kind of drive myself a little crazy now (Sorry Uncle J, but know that I get you now – driving myself a little batty with all the vibration and buzzing about.) It’s hard to slow…

Some are better than others at slowing, letting time morph into crawl where they find themselves capturing the minutes and savoring the moments. If you are wired like me – this is much harder. Quiet takes practice and purposeful cultivating. I’m sure this is true for all types, I don’t think this day and age in our culture “slow” comes naturally for anyone but some are better at slipping into it faster. Like a favorite pair of soft slippers they can’t wait to get back to – they run to the side of their bed to find them waiting and easily ease right back into with little to no effort once the move toward them is made. For me, I have to find those doggone slippers first. Kicked under the bed, moved to that bathroom, left on the back porch? Where the heck did they go??

Making space for quiet stillness to silence and slow.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Did you take a deep breath as you read that? I did when I wrote it!

How can you silence and slow?

How can you cultivate quiet?

How can you make space for stillness?

Stillness Practice comes when I write, when I leisurely walk my dog, when I notice the sunrise in the morning and slow to capture with my camera, when I call my mom to chat while driving to pick up my kids, when I notice that full feeling when eating and stop before my plate is empty, when I sit and really listen to the stories of my middle schoolers day, when I look into my husband’s eyes when I kiss him, when I enjoy the sweat and heart pound while doing lunges at the gym, when sipping a cup of coffee with a friend and holding space for each other’s heart stories..

Being intentional in the time, causes my heart to quiet and settle. The everyday things I am doing when

intentional in the time

settles, quiets, captures and slows.

It’s so great when you can stop in at a yoga class, take a bubble bath, sit in contemplative prayer, go for a leisurely bike ride. When your schedule allows to purposefully slow – those moments are amazing, but everyday life doesn’t usually offer such expanse.

It’s not about changing what you are doing, it’s about capturing it in what is already happening in the everyday moments that make up your life.

Intentional in the time that is your life.