That “like,” that little heart, and four-letter word at the bottom brought tears to my eyes this morning. My oldest lives in Houston, Texas now – blech, fooey, yuck! She wasn’t supposed to jump state and live further than 20 minutes from “home.” She broke the unspoken rules that Louisiana families live by. We stay close! Some days are harder than others. I miss her. I miss her being at birthday parties, I miss her dropping in for coffee, I… Read more »

The alarm rings on her phone everyday at 2pm. I ask, “What’s that for?” “It’s my reset,” she responds. Everyday at 2pm my bestie presses reset on her day. She makes a choice everyday at 2pm to change the course of her day if the first half has not gone as planned. She chooses to stop the madness, the yuck, the whatever it is that is stealing her joy and reset! She chooses to finish each day strong! Isn’t that… Read more »

Do you have friends in your boat? I am so grateful for the friends in mine. God always see fit to give me a traveling companion. I hate that we have to have rough patches but it is nice to have someone in the boat to talk about it with, or rather to whine, bitch and moan about it with. Someone to identify with me and lament..woe is us! Someone to paddle when I get weary. Someone to be on… Read more »