A friend of mine and I walked the labyrinth at Hospice of Acadiana this early morning. I was sweetly reminded of another friend who lost her life to cancer as I stepped into the labyrinth. Releasing, Releasing, Releasing! The letting go and surrendering with each step – moving away from what has been, moving away from what is now the past, moving, letting go, surrender. Each step intentional, slow, methodical. Focus on breath, Focus on movement, Focus on the thoughts… Read more »

Went on a girls’ beach trip this summer with some friends to beautiful Orange Beach, Alabama. The water was the perfect shade of blue-green, the sand pristine white, the sunrises vibrant orange, yellow and pink. breathtaking.. the beach never disappoints! My favorite time on the beach is early morning before the world wakes. The ocean waves, birds, and, if you are lucky enough to spot them, dolphins welcome you into each day at the beach as the sun begins its… Read more »