This is a new journal I picked up months ago, it reminded me of a story from years past, a story of a little girl, a teepee, and Jesus giving her a new name. It has been sitting on a table in my office waiting to be used.  I love new journals but I hadn’t been journaling much lately, it’s been awhile since I was still enough to write my own thoughts and listen to His!  But September 9th was… Read more »

Heart aches with the heaviness of pieces of story…other people’s stories. Why am I privy to such things? Why do I know these bit and pieces? It does not serve my heart well.  It’s disappointing. I ask God in the early hours of the morning, “Why? Why do you let me know?” The silence hangs between us. Discouraged in the bottom of this pit I look about me, all is dark.  Head heavy, pulled forward by gravity, forcing eyes down…. Read more »

  This is my bedside table – it is always full of books, the next read I hope to get to, the ones I am putting off getting to, the ones I loved and need to keep close a little bit longer.  I love books – the real deal books with paper and words and beautiful covers. I don’t get to read enough, it’s hard to make the time with so many other things vying for my attention. My daughter… Read more »