“Those who keep score in life just want to know that they count. When you work for an audience of One, you always know that you count.” – Ann Voskamp Humbling words for the striver in each of us. Is the audience of the One enough? My spiritual answer is, “Yes!” but honesty pulls its weight on my heart and more times than I care to say the answer is, “No!” I want it to be yes all the time, that… Read more »

I have stumbled on this little treasure recently. Her name is Jill Briscoe, she is a world renown speaker/author/missionary. Shs is 82 years old and she is lovely. A poet with her words, she speaks to my heart. She presented at the 2017 IF Gathering in Austin, Texas, which is where I found her online and have since googled most of her messages and have had her streaming into my air space continuously. She is powerful, honest, transparent, real – it… Read more »

My 14 year old was what some would call a strong-willed child when she was a little bitty. We read the books, we did the Growing Kids God’s Way classes, we did it all, and guess what? She is still strong willed. None of it changed her, but it did change us! When she was around 3 or 4 I decided “we” would try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – we got out the cutest little tea plate, she helped… Read more »