My youngest auditioned for a CYT production last night.  She was nervous but ready.  She had memorized a super cute monologue and practiced her song and was ready for the challenge.  I overheard her in her room before we were leaving to go the audition psyching herself up for this first-time scary thing, this is what she said, “You’re not just a singer and a dancer and a talker, you’re a star!” You’re a star! Oh that we as women could… Read more »

Becoming,.. I am becoming! But first I have learned that I must “unbecome” to become.  I must unravel to be put back together and all of it, the unraveling, the piecing back together takes willingness.  I must step into all that must be done, as uncomfortable as it is, to find the comfort that waits on the other side. My word for 2016 is “wiiling” – I have not known what it meant. My word last year was “show up”… Read more »

Sometimes some of the sweetest surprises come to us unexpectedly! Last night we brought our second youngest daughter to her new life group. I had been dreading it a bit because the one she has chosen to be in is really far from house, like in Egypt!! Ok, I am exaggerating but seriously, it is on the opposite side of town, a long way from our home. Now I know for all you big city folks a 30-40 minute ride is… Read more »