Walking across my yard this morning, I watched two birds fly overhead. A big black crow was being chased by a much smaller mockingbird. The crow was at least 2-3 times bigger than the bird chasing it. How many things in your life are chasing after you and have you running scared without looking back to the shadow? Why don’t we look back at the things that scare us? What keeps us moving forward away from that scary thing behind… Read more »

Did you know that emotions have a vibration? Anger, jealousy, joy, sadness, fear, delight all vibrate at a specific frequencies. Ever heard the saying emotions are contagious? Have you ever noticed when you walk into a funeral service how you literally can feel the grief in the room, it’s heavy and can feel suffocating. Have you ever listened to a friend’s story about an injustice and by the end of it you are feeling as ticked off about it as… Read more »

Are you a busy bee? I’m am! Always moving, fidgeting, wiggling about! I can remember being little eating spaghetti at my uncle’s house sitting halfway in a chair, one cheek on, one cheek off, wiggling, moving, squirming all over the place. I can close my eyes and hear him say, “Melissa Ayn sit still and eat your dinner.” I am pretty sure I drove him a little crazy with all the vibration and buzzing around the dinner table. We laugh… Read more »